Monday, January 14, 2008

Knittin' down the stash

Every other knitter has vowed to knit down stash this month, and I seem to be joining the frenzy! The only exception is this pair of socks, made from SWTC's Tofutsie sock yarn. At my invitation, Randy's mom picked out this yarn so that I could knit socks for her. They look really skinny, but the pattern is a baby cable, and there is considerable stretch. I've been able to get them on my foot and leg, and since Marie and I have the same size foot, I'm confident that they'll work for her.

This lovely Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn has been in my stash for about a year or so, and I loved the Boteh scarf so much (the blue Trekking scarf from earlier this month) I decided I *needed* another one in dark colors. This yarn is 100% merino, so it will be a softer scarf.

Not pictured is the project I have at Cozy: it's a lace patterned scarf in Malabrigo Lace---it's been in the stash for a few months. I've only done a little bit, but it's really lovely. I'll take a picture tomorrow during my shift.

Also not pictured is the next spiral pillow for the dining room. These pillows are a huge stash-busting project. I'm sick of looking at the bag of spirals I've already made, so I've recently started making the large spiral backs for these round cushions. Pictures coming soon.

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