Friday, January 18, 2008

making progress

Finished scarf! It's the second Boteh scarf I've done. Great pattern, fun to wear. This one is 100% merino, Supersock by Cherry Tree Hill.

The spiral pillow top is almost together. I'll put a few rounds of crochet on the edges to make them more even, then I'll do the surface embellishment on each little spiral.

Next, I'm reviving these freeform mitts from a while back. I hadn't intended to ever make a second one, actually, but when I posted the 1st one on Ravelry, I got a comment from Prudence Mapstone. Prudence is the artist who's work inspired me to try out freeform knit and crochet. I consider her the freeform expert, and she left a comment that said that she thought these would work up very nicely. Well. When I saw that, first I printed it out so I could save it! Then, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to make the mate. The original looks a little awkward, but it really does fit well. Got the 2nd one started last night, and I'm having fun with it. You can see the little bit I've done in the last photo.


Ellen Bloom said...

Your Boteh Scarf looks great. I started crocheting one, but I keep getting mixed up and forgetting to increase on just one end...disaster! Must start over.

Prudence said...

hehehe, am so pleased that my comment got you going again on a mate for the first one ;-)