Wednesday, January 23, 2008

love the little projects

The vine lace scarf is growing more quickly than I though it would. Although the yarn is small, the needles are more like a medium. Size 6 is not tiny! It's nice to be able to see the progress. So far, the yarn cake looks just as big as it did when I started. I'll be interested to see how much yarn a respectably sized scarf will use. There will probably be quite a bit leftover.

These Tofutsie socks for Marie are coming along quickly, too. Would love to finish them soon, but there are a lot of activities coming up in the next 5 or 6 days. For instance, there will be 5, yes 5, violin concerts this weekend that I will be helping to run and accompanying on piano. Yikes! My fingers will be too busy playing to do much knitting.
But when these ARE done, I'll be starting man socks for Allan. I've procrastinated on these because I'm a little anxious about having enough yarn. I'd feel better if I had 2 skeins of the Meilenweit tweed, but I only have one. Toe up construction is the way to go, and I just need to spend a little time looking for a pattern that will be interesting but not completely lost in the dark color. I think they'll be fun once I get started. Just for fun, though, I may do a quick local search for sock yarn in larger quantities in manly dark colors. Any suggestions from the girls at the GY?

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