Wednesday, February 28, 2007

henry surveys the situation

We're not sure if he approves, but he does check things out frequently as the bathroom renovation continues.


yncmusic said...

Cute picture!!!
I love the floor. Can't wait to see the entire finished product.

Kitteh said...

He seems to have a cautiously optimistic look on his face as he oversees the changes. (Or maybe he snuck into the bathroom to express his displeasure by doing what my kitties do in the bathtub when they are most displeased with a situation...) :P
(They are naughty little cats)
(Waaaay naughtier than cute little Henry)

Lisa said...

Progress here is slow. As of today, March 5, the floor is grouted, but not yet sealed. Our contractor starts his new full time job today (gulp), so he'll be fitting in our job nights and weekends. I just want a sink in my bathroom again! :(

DKeeeee said...

Lock him in the bathroom and don't let him out 'til the remodeling is finished!!