Thursday, February 22, 2007


No pictures today, but I can report that I've finished Ben's socks. However, they fit Ben's mom Krisann better than they fit Ben. Sigh. Will get started on another pair for Ben very soon!
Also, the baby cardigan is finished, it just needs buttons and embroidery. I may have a picture tomorrow.
There's not much knitting going on, but there sure is a lot of show playing. Last week it was "The Light in the Piazza" and this week and next it's "Jesus Christ Superstar." For Superstar we are not in the pit, we're in a room in the basement of the hall. An enclosed room. A room that has nowhere for all that sound to go. I'll be lucky if I have any hearing left on March 4th when this is all over. Again---Sigh.

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gray la gran said...

how do they do that?! i love jesus christ superstar ... but i don't understand the sound thing!