Monday, February 5, 2007

Lisa needs.....

Someone else's blog had a funny entry the other day. You go to Google and you search on the words "Lisa needs," insert your own name. Here's what I got:
1. Lisa needs braces
2. Lisa needs a tree
3. Lisa needs to more clearly communicate
4. Lisa needs to handle lower conditions
5. Lisa needs help
6. Lisa needs a bigger grin
7. Lisa needs to get a life
8. Lisa needs to have a short meeting with Mr. Groenig's eraser
9. Lisa needs work
10. Lisa needs to think

I have a few comments on these!
1. Lisa certainly did need braces, and she got them when she was 8 years old. 8 years later, she didn't need them anymore.
3. Probably true
5. Definitely true!
7. Hope it's not true
8.Simpson's, anyone?
9. And she's got a lot this month. 2 shows!
10. Lisa likes to do this while knitting

Not once did it say, "Lisa needs yarn." Very telling.

1 comment:

gray la gran said...

you probably used the wrong search engine if it omitted yarn!