Sunday, February 11, 2007

project status

Uh oh, I just remembered that I need to learn how to resize my pictures. Hopefully, all the pictures in this post will load up anyway. Otherwise it's going to be a lot of yammering without anything to look at. This first picture is my secret freeform project. I'm really unsure about whether it's going to be a success, so I'm not putting out much information other than it's purple, and so far, it's all crochet.
No progress on the freeform bag. Maybe soon.
There are some more doodles for this freeform project. It may become a vest so that it can be finished more quickly!

These Koigu pieces are part of a project from the new Koigu book. I've had them listed in "Current Projects" for a long time, but I haven't knitted on them in a while. They are the modules from the cloak, but I'm going to alter it to be a regular jacket. That cloak project is just too big!
Talk about abandoned projects---this Noro Sakura has been sitting around for a long time. It's a log cabin style sweater, but I haven't figured out any details. Probably it will be a loose Spring cardigan.
This one is for Cozy, it's the easy baby sweater from Cindy Walker. It's knitted in one piece starting at the bottom of the back, ending at the bottom of the front. We have a couple of these in the store already, but this one will be our sample for Cascade's Sierra, 80% cotton/20% wool. I have the back and the beginning of the sleeves done so far.
The stalled Trekking sock--Henry decided he would check it out.
Hey, here's something that's almost finished, the socks for Ben. I really hope Ben has some seriously large feet for a kid, because these socks almost fit me. Hopefully, this project report will help me finish something soon. I'm sick of some this stuff!

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devil-maomao said...

I love the doodles!(Well, I love ALL of them) If you ever want to *disappear* them, you know where you can drop them off :D