Monday, February 5, 2007

new color trend

My collection of green yarns is starting to rival the blues, but it doesn't come anywhere near the purples or the multi-colors. Why are these green yarns calling out to me? I'm not sure. Isn't this one pretty?
It came from my recent yarn trip to Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Much Ado About Knitting, in W-S, was a friendly shop. They had lots of this yarn, Nature Wool by Araucania, also some Berocco, some Noro, generally nice stuff. The knitter on staff that day was very helpful when it came to winding this hank (I have a swift and winder at home, but if I can get it done in the shop, I will). This hank was really difficult, and that nice lady wound the whole thing by hand. When I got it home, I rewound it into a yarn cake on my winder just because I like yarn in cakes. Won't this be nice in freeform projects as stems and leaves?


gray la gran said...

you seriously did go points west ?! you'll have to tell me more about it (on thursday?).
LOVE the green.

gray la gran said...

i'm still loving the green !

Lisa said...

what's not to love?!?!