Wednesday, March 26, 2008

afghan square in progress

In the previous post I forgot to mention that I finished the Boteh scarf while we were in Terre Haute. Needing another project, I looked in my knitting bag and noticed that there was plenty of yarn left over from the first green square to make another one. Away I went! There wasn't as much knitting time that day as the day before, so I just got started a little bit.

I'd been working on this square while I was the passenger yesterday coming home from Indiana. It wasn't going quite as quickly as the first, but I was pleased with the way the two spirals I started with had gone together. It's a little different from what I usually do with the spirals.

Soon, it was my turn to drive. I started somewhere in Ohio, and drove into Kentucky. Shortly after passing exits for the Kentucky Craft Center (crud, no time to stop!) in Morehead, KY, something felt weird about the way the car handled. 10 seconds later, I knew we'd blown out a tire. I was so lucky that there was not much traffic on I-64, and I pulled the car over as quickly as possible. An hour and 40 minutes later, we had a new tire on the right front and we were leaving Morehead KY feeling pretty good about the whole thing. But, the knitting mojo was gone. No more knitting on that trip. It just wasn't in me.

We had backtracked to the west to get the new tire, so we ended up driving by the scene of the blowout again. Looking through the windshield, see the dark track veering off to the right? That would be the pathetic remains of my former tire.


Tracy said...

I'm loving these afghans squares, and your FF w/ the bullions from the last (?) post are FABULOUS!!

Wow thank the powers that be you didn't lose control with that blow out.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Tracy. I'm really surprised at how "in control" I felt during the blow out. Other than feeling like a _really_ rough ride, I didn't have much trouble. The worst part may have been feeling so vulnerable pulled over on the side of an interstate highway! I've heard stories about people being crushed against their cars when someone hit them while they were changing a tire, etc.................