Friday, March 28, 2008

random stuff

The crochet spiral purse is almost finished. Making the lining is the next step, but I need to get a short zipper first.

Last week's trip to Terre Haute included a trip to a local yarn store--Riverwools on Wabash Avenue. What a great shop! They have lots of everything, and a very friendly staff. One of the ladies was working on a sock knitted from an unusual sock yarn. The company, Conjoined Creations, takes a machine-knitted swatch of sock yarn, paints on colors, and sells it as a flat piece of knitting. The instructions say to unravel the swatch and knit the socks directly from the unraveled yarn. I can't decide it I will do it that way, or if I'll wind it and soak it first to get rid of the kinks. Normally I don't like knitting with freshly unraveled yarn because those kinks make gauge hard to figure. Plus, the socks look wonky until you wash and block them. I say why not do the washing and blocking beforehand? Yeah, I know it ruins the novelty of the product not to knit directly from the swatch, but I'm not sure I care!

Finally, a rare photo of humans on my blog! Yesterday I spent the entire day at Raleigh's RBC Center rehearsing for and playing in a Barry Manilow concert. He was nice enough to pose for a few pictures between the sound check and the show. Wish I knew how he stays so slim!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh Lisa - love the photo:)

Glad you had fun!

Carrie Anne

Marsosudiro said...

All the calories go into growing his hair. Except for the few that also go into growing his nose.

Mystery solved?

JohnK said...

That photo's frame worthy, or ravatar worthy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the washing/de-kinking post-ravelling and pre-knitting-- what fun they must have painting the sock fabric tho :D Hope to see you soon!
xoxo devilkitteeee

Glenn said...

Barry's sveltitude: Could it be magic?

Anonymous said...

BARRY MANILOW ?!!? Oh, you opor
tunist, you ! LOL :D Love the man/
artist....Lucky YOU ! Does HE, also, crochet, knit, macrame` and/
or create fabric stuff ? Rosey Greer knits, needlepoints, also.
Great picture, OH, you skamp(good
thing !) You are TRULY God-blessed!
Love, in Christ (and crochet !:D).