Sunday, March 9, 2008

new freeform style: crocheted lace

I've admired the freeform crochet lace on Myra Wood's site (see side bar for link) for a long time, and when I heard that she was writing a book about it, I was excited. Finally, I got the book, but it was right in the middle of all those spiral pillows. Since I knew I really wanted to get those pillows finished, I put the book in my knitting bag so I could look at it occasionally, but I didn't actually try out any of the techniques in it. It took great restraint.

Now, there's no huge project to stop me, and I've been doodling a little bit with some La Luz by Fiesta. I learned form the freeform mitts that I like working with just one yarn: it makes for a very portable project, and it makes me focus more on textures than color.

I'm enjoying doing this freeform lace so much! Since one ball of La Luz has a generous 210 yards, I've decided to make a scarf with these scrumbles eventually. For now, I'm just experimenting with the ideas in Myra's book.

It's really fun to go through crochet stitch books and start out with traditional motifs or stitch patterns, then let them morph into something else. It's also great for those days when you just don't have much attention span since things are constantly changing!

My biggest challenge will be when it's time to join the pieces together in a way that creates the illusion that the lace is continuous. Oh well, I'm saving that part for later..........

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gray la gran said...

oooh ... i really like these crochet pieces!