Monday, March 31, 2008

it's not really scarf season......

..........but I keep starting more scarves. I think it's because I'm doing a lot of knitting away from home these last few weeks, and scarves are wonderfully portable. Multi-yarn freeform work is not!

So, the first 2 pictures are of the same project, a freeform filet crochet scarf inspired by Myra Wood's book Creative Crochet Lace. "Funky Filet" is one of the 5 styles of freeform lace covered in the book, and it's one of the easiest. This scarf uses Colinette's Cadenza in the Summer Berries colorway. The color is more true in the photo above than the one below.

I started this freeform filet scarf Saturday in a bar(!) watching NCAA basketball, so that illustrates how little concentration it takes. Some of the other techniques in the book require more attention and a little planning. This style, though, let's you just crochet.

This little guy uses Cherry Tree Hill's Supersock Merino (the king of sheep!) and an E hook. Since I've got one of these going in fingering weight and one in sport weight, I'm considering trying some Chunky Malabrigo. It will not be delicate, but this type of design might be fun in a bulky weight yarn. We'll see.


Marsosudiro said...

I wore my scarf today.

Anonymous said...

That book currently costs £37 in the UK. Too much!