Wednesday, March 26, 2008

road trip knitting

We just took a trip out to Indiana, and it was a great opportunity for some knitting! Because most of my current projects are freeform, they require lots of different balls of yarn. One of them is a purse that needs the lining made with a sewing machine. Not good for a road trip.

So I took this opportunity to start some new stuff. Always fun.

First, I did the afghan square above. It's for a group project (I'll give more details later) that has some requirements for yarn weight and fiber. Since my typical freeform stuff uses anything and everything, I knew I'd have to do something a little different if I wanted to make a freeform square. The single-color mitts I did earlier this year came to mind (see blog entry on February 20), and I decided to do a square in a similar manner. The square was finished by the time we got to Cinncinati.

Well, there was still more driving time before we hit Terre Haute, so I started another Boteh scarf. I know, I know, does anyone really need 4 of these? I'd have to say yes. I really do. This one uses Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. 100% merino, the King of Sheep.

It still needs to be blocked, but I decided to go ahead an photograph it in my Spring-y front yard. This purple is fantastic with the light green leaves on the gardenia!

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Joyce said...

I would love to take a road trip with you. :)