Thursday, June 12, 2008

jumping right in

I've been admiring the projects in Myra Wood's new book, Creative Crocheted Lace. Freeform knit and crochet is a big favorite of mine, and the idea of using lace in a freeform style has turned out to be more appealing to me than traditional lace forms. Even though I've never made a freeform garment of any kind, I decided to jump in and make a lace jacket with these scrumbles.

Originally, I was going to cover a denim bag with these pieces, and I'm sure that would have been a great project. But the way this Araucania Pomaire yarn is dyed works so well with the freeform lace made me want to wear it on more than just a bag.

There are not quite enough pieces for the back yet, but they work up quickly. I started them last week during a chamber music concert at the UNC Chamber Music Workshop and kept going through all of the concerts I attended.

There are more, I'll post them later!


DreamWoven said...

myra's work is incredible... all of it... her beading is gorgeous. i am proud to count her as a personal friend as well. i love freeform pieces... small pieces, use of all those extra yarns, something to do with the hands and the idea that you can arrange them any way you like is so tempting.

good luck and i cant wait to see your jacket!

Lisa said...

I agree with you about Myra's work. She is amazing. Hopefully I'll get to meet her one day. Until then, I'll get to know her through her books!