Thursday, June 26, 2008

new territory

Trying something a little different. A month or so ago, a crochet customer asked me about crocheted socks. I've knitted bunches of socks, but I hadn't tried crocheting them. I told her about a pattern I'd seen on Ravelry that seemed to be very popular called Ultimate Socks. I had thought about trying them, so we decided that we would embark on the project at the same time.

She's working on the foot part, also, but she'll be away on a 2 week trip to Alaska. We'll catch up on each other's progress when she gets back.

In the comments a few days ago, TracyGP asked if I have considered using a template for a freeform sweater. And, yes!! I have. In fact, I'm going to use the template technique for the freeform crochet lace sweater that's only in pieces so far. When I start assembling, I'm going to use pattern pieces as a guide. I'll post progress pics when I get that far.

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Tracy said...

WooHoo I can't wait for your lace project. It's always a pleasure to see what you're doing!