Monday, June 16, 2008

Knitalong scarf

One of my new favorite knitting books is "Knitalong" by Larissa Brown. It's a lovely little book, perfect for sitting down and actually reading.

The project from "Knitalong" that I wanted to do before I ever saw the book is the Eden scarf. I love the casual look of this scarf with cascading leaves. On Ravelry I saw a few photos of the scarf done with yarns that feature a slow color change. I had some Mille Colori by Lang in my stash, so I started as soon as I got the book.

I'm hoping that this yarn will work well for the scarf. There is some acrylic in it, so it may not block as nicely as 100% wool. Instructions say that some curling is preferable, so it may be OK.

These colors aren't typical leaf colors; maybe more like colorful Coleus leaves?


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Glenn said...

I could see making a scarf like this more substantial, with denser foliage. One way would be to shrink the spacing between leaves by a third or a half. A second way would be to crochet wider leaves. You might need a thicker stem to look proportionate. Also, you could sew each leaf to its neighbor in an overlapping pattern (with just the widest part of the leaves overlapping) and have a solid hefty scarf that still has the appearance of individual leaves. There would still be gaps around the leaf stems to help define the individual leaves. If you crocheted each wide leaf in a solid color, and alternated colors for neighboring leaves, that would preserve the leaf definition as well.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of that book-- will def need to check it out; the scarf is most fun looking! ^..^