Monday, January 22, 2007

fingerless mitts pattern work

I've been working on a pattern for fingerless mitts in 3 gauges. The Chunky Malabrigo pair from a few days ago is the 3 stitch to the inch example. As soon as I can get it into an understandable pattern, it's going to be available at Cozy. I've done a 4 st pair in Bling Bling, and I'm working on a 5 st pair in String of Pearls. We thought it would be good to have some samples that were not wool for those who don't wear it.
I'm a little bit addicted to these mitts, so I may be making some more before the season is over. I need some for me!

1 comment:

kitteh said...

You need some black sparkly mitts for the pit! How about black/silver Bling Bling? No, Kidsilk Haze Night in black,Oooo....