Sunday, January 21, 2007

freeform experiment

This mitt doesn't fit well, but it was a fun experiment. One color freeform is more interesting than I had imagined, and I can see it working for another project. When I started this mitt, I should have worked the thumb and top parts first for a better fit. Then I could have filled in with the fun stuff.


Lisa said...

I don't know why part of the text in this post works like a link!

gray la gran said...

because you had an "open" tag ...

ie: if i want this WORD to be in italics, i use "tags" on either side of that word. when you leave a comment, you will see a note from blogger that you can use HTML tags just above the window to type your message.

so, to make a WORD in italics, i use the tag with the brackets around the "i". to "close" the tag, just inside the first bracket is a "/" symbol.

so, here it goes .... WORD.

it's all about the HTML. there are "rules" for it. it has to have balance. if you "open" the tag, you must "close" it. so, somewhere in that posting, you left out a wee character or placed it in the wrong place.

Lisa said...

I took out the link text. It just bugged me! I had gone back into the post to add more text, and I couldn't get it to just be normal. Gray, I'll have to play around with all those tags.