Friday, January 26, 2007


There's nothing like leading with your best. I'd like to post some pitcures of sweaters I've finished over the years, and this one is probably the most interesting one I've ever done. It's Koigu (hurray Koigu!), and I used the Horst Schultz books for adults and kids as inspiration for the design. Schultz's books are now translated into English, but when I first saw them, they were the original German. My friend Irene had received the books from her mother in Germany, and I could not believe my eyes. I had already discovered modular knitting, but these books went beyond anything I had ever seen or imagined. Irene asked her mom to send another set of books for me, and it was so exciting!
Since there are no actual patterns in the books, it was OK that I couldn't read them. Irene was there to translate the German for me if there was something I just had to decipher.
Mostly, I used the photos, diagrams and graphs. The inspiration sweater for my own project was in the kids' book, but the "T" shapes seemed like fun. I got out my graph paper and started drawing. For modular projects, I draw the outline of the garment on graph paper, fill in with the shapes to be knitted, and I color them in as I complete each module. I decided to use a garter slip stitch pattern, using one color for the foreground, and another color for the background. I love the way the background yarn shows up as little dots.
This sweater took about 3 months to knit, and I was knitting steadily. Size 2 needles! it's too wide, but I don't care. It took a long time, but it was worth it. It's still my favorite.

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Zinglebert Bembledack said...

I know, right? My favorite, too. When you were working on it, I was struck by the design. And I am still Stricken! Rockstar knitting and design.