Monday, January 15, 2007

new project

Well, here are some of the yarns that will be in the freeform sweater. One overly dark picture, one overly light. These yarns have already been used in some small pieces, so they will definitely be included. Some others will be added, too.

I'm trying to be careful about making the fabric the right weight. It would be so easy to end up with something really dense and uncomfortable. At the same time, I don't want it to be too open. The yarns are mostly wools, so I don't want it to seem like a "summer" style sweater made in winter weight yarns.

No pics of the little pieces, yet. I need a good name for them other than "scrumbles," which is a decidedly unattractive word.
Still looking for ideas...................Agent Gray???


devilkitty said...

How DO you keep the scrumbles from not being afghan-weight-heavy, but not too open either? I usually end up using mine for doggy/kitty beds; they're thicky, but nice and warm. What about a good musical term for "scrumbles"? :P

gray la gran said...

scrumble sounds too much like scrogg ... which reminds me too much of college daze nastiness!
hmmm ... better word .... i don't know ....!
ummm ... skittles ?
by the way, is there a ball of sock yarn in the second photo? bottom left? what IS it ?!
inquiring mind wants to know.

Lisa said...

I think I will call scrumbles "doodles" because they are the result of doodling around with yarns. What do you think?
To keep them from being so heavy, I'm making some of the crochet parts a little bit open. Not exactly lacy, but with some holes. Also, I'm using hooks slightly bigger than I might normally choose to keep the crochet from being dense. I'll post pictures soon.
Agent Gray, that's a ball of some Reynolds yarn I got at the Hillsborough shop. Can't remember the name, but it reminds me a little of the Nashua wooly stripe tweed yarn, which I got at the Wake Forest shop. Yes, I have a problem.