Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Freeform doodles

This picture looks better if you click and enlarge it.
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filbert said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog (muddyknees) to learn what that means.

Lisa said...

Umm, not really sure what it means-

gray la gran said...

it means, you gotta go to her site and see how you've been "tagged". usually it's some kind of thing where you have to list some things about yourself under a certain theme. just follow the links, read, and "do".
i, however, have not been tagged, and don't you dare "tag" me!
ps. love the doodles :)

filbert said...

Right! It's just for fun

mrao! said...

Does it mean you've been tagged because you're an endangered species? Have you noticed a large orange radio collar around your neck? :P
The doodles are FABU! Would love to see them in person, hint hint hint... ;)

Lisa said...

OK, got the tag thing. When I first went to filbert's site, the tag post wasn't there yet. Yikes, 6 things that make me weird? Only 6? I may have to spend a little time to decide which ways I'm willing to share!