Friday, January 26, 2007

freeform time

I took the tablecloth off, put it in the washer, then couldn't resist spreading out all the freeform yarns out. I don't knit at the table much at home because it's too far away from the TV, but I didn't have anything to watch today. It was nice to have room for all the yarns, my crochet hook/dpn holder (handmade by the marvelous Jen at Cozy), my 2nd edition Prudence Mapstone freeform book (ordered from Australia by my sister as a Christmas present), and all the doodles, of course. Everything is still where I left it because Henry hasn't jumped up there and found it yet.


dkh said...

What a pretty needle case!
And I was just thinking as I was reading your post: Where's the kitty in this picture? ;)

Robin said...

Boy that mess of yarn looks like a lot of creative FUN!!