Friday, January 26, 2007

more fun sweaters

Some good photos, some not so good. All of them are of my collection of favorites.
The first is a pattern from an old Colinette leaflet, but I used a variety of yarns, many of them Noro. This vest was started at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game .

More modular stuff--the cardigan is the sweater that almost killed my left hand. I really enjoyed it, and I knitted hard. After the sweater was finished, I got to enjoy a few weeks of carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes. Not good for a violinist. Since then, I've tried to keep it under control and have done a pretty good job.

Blues and purples are clearly the team colors here. The tank top uses 13 different yarns randomly.

Debbie New's book, "Unexpected Knitting," is one of my favorite inspiration books. This log cabin design came from a pullover pattern found in the section of the book called "swatchless knitting." As long as you measure frequently so that you can fit the pieces into your sweater design, you can just knit with anything for as long as you like. It's all garter stitch and the knitting starts in the center of the square. Just keep going until it's the size you want. I used a crochet hook to slip stitch the squares together so that there's a little ridge where they are joined. The edging is reverse stockinette stitch, an idea from Sally Melville's books. The edging curls, but it curls to the inside. Very neat and tidy.


kittykitteh said...

So, when are you going on that Master Modular Knitter World Tour to give classes and demos to the unwashed masses??

Robin said...

Very cool and colorful knits! I have never done freeform / modular. Would like to give it a try. Would be a great way to use up bits and pieces.