Wednesday, January 17, 2007

socks on hold

This is one of my stalled projects, the Trekking socks. Between this and the Koigu knitting, it's too much knitting on small needles. My left hand protests, so I'm taking a break from anything smaller than number 7's. Agent Gray, I like your idea of knitting it to 9 sts per inch and using 72 sts. It felt great when I tried it on.
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gray la gran said...

goody! what needle size gave you that gauge? i use size 1 dpns for 9 sts. and then again, years ago i used size 2's for 7 sts. my, things have changed. i've gotten tighter.
by the way, that's a hot shade of trekking. i'm still poking along with my trekking socks. whaaa!

dk said...

I need more Trekking, in *good* colors... wherever will I find it?

Lisa said...

I used size 1 dpns also.