Friday, January 26, 2007

knits around the house

One of the reasons I started a blog was to have a place to keep pictures of things I've knitted. Having friends read it is an added bonus! Now, friends, indulge me. This is a barrage of photos, but today's a day off, so I had time to play.

Yes, the little washcloth basket is sitting on the toilet. It seemed like a good place. It's my first functional freeform object.

I love the Himalayan yarn made from Indian saris, and this pillow is just 2 squares knitted from the center to the outside edges, kind of like a shawl. The colors did not come out as true as I'd hoped.

More Koigu! I planned to make a sweater of modular pinwheel shapes. Didn't finish, though, and decided that the pinwheels would look good in my kitchen. And that they needed a picot finger border. I like picot fingers.

The Christmas Cactus is wearing a Koigu swatch. I briefly considered making a fair isle Koigu sweater. I like the swatch, but never took that next step.

The mitered square pillow was knitted as a sample for a workshop I teach at Cozy. It's living at home right now because that workshop is not on our current class schedule. Also pictured is a corner of the huge afghan I made a while back as part of a stash reduction effort. There's one yarn that's held all the way through this multi-strand project, and the other yarns were used until they were used up. Somehow, when it was all finished, I still had gobs of stash. Sigh.

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Kitteh said...

What great inspirations for stash-killage! Especially love the pillow from the Cozy class :)