Sunday, January 21, 2007


OK, a while ago I was tagged by filbert from muddyknees to tell 6 weird things about myself. Just 6.
1. When I eat a salad, or pizza, or anything that has lots of ingredients, I like to micro-manage each bite to have a little bit of everything in it. When it doesn't work out exactly, I will save my favorite ingredients for the last bite, so it's the best. Hey, my sister does it too, so don't pick on me.
2. I clean the shower while I'm in it, taking a shower. It's just easier that way.
3. I like to "organize" my yarn stash, going through it to see what I've forgotten about, and I especially like rewinding the balls that have fallen apart.
4. In junior high, I crocheted a science project and I got an A. It was a dissected frog, and it included the body parts that you'd see inside. The part of it I remember most is that I used bright yellow acrylic for the fat bodies. Looking back, I can't believe that I wasn't too embarrassed to turn in something like that for a grade. Laura D. and my mom will back me up on this one if anyone needs proof. Sadly, there are no pictures.
5. I read fiction too fast, so fast that I will forget the ending of most books, making it easy to read them again after a while because it's all new again. But, when I read knitting books I remember lots. If you ask me a question about what's in a knitting book that I own, I can probably give you an accurate answer.
6. My house doesn't have a dishwasher, so I do them by hand. It's not a lot because there's just the 2 of us, but there's one part of it I hate. The silverware. Whether it's washing it or putting it away, it's the part I'll save for last. Why should I dislike it so much?

So, there are many more things, and I'm sure some of the readers of this blog could contribute a few ideas. Please, be kind!


gray la gran said...

in response:
1. i call that the ultimate bite. i save the best for last too. and if you think you're going to steal that last bite, don't act surprised when you find a fork sticking out of the back of your hand ;)
2. i thought everyone cleaned the shower that way. is there another way?
3. i'm amazed that i could actually forget about any yarn. but i do, and it's fun to revisit. it's like it's new all over again :)
4. i sure wish you had pictures of that froggy!
5. i'm such a slow reader, and i forget what i read ! ... and i finished _white oleander_ last night.
6. no dishwasher here either, and it's just me making the messes. but, a clean sink was part of my new years resolutions ... and, there's a few dirty things in there from yesterday :(

diablo! said...

1. I save all the yummy stuff for the last few bites :D
2. I usually almost fall asleep in the shower-- wow, you guys are industrious!
3. I LOVE to reorganize and play with my stash--hmmm, almost as much fun as knitting sometimes :P
4. I can't believe there are NO pictures of the frog!!! Maybe we need a recreation...
5. I also read fiction waaay too fast; isn't it great to be able to read a good book over and over, tho? :)
6. Ack, cleaning.

Lisa said...

So, either I'm not so weird, or we're all weird, girls!