Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new pattern

Here are my new Chunky Malabrigo mitts. We needed a sample of this new yarn for the shop, so I volunteered to do mitts. Now I have to make the pattern notes I took make sense. I based these on a pattern for the regular Malabrigo yarn, but I wanted them to fit a little closer, and I wanted to do decreases instead of increases for the thumb shaping, so I started them at the finger cuff instead of the wrist cuff. They're very easy!
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gray la gran said...

liiiisa, my hands are cold ! where's MY mitts?!
cool ... can't wait to see/feel them in person ... are you knitting thurs. pm?

meow! said...

Brrrr, devilkitteh's little paws are muy frio also! ^..^